The new Azure D and Ev5 VM-series are 50% reduced in price!

End op April 2021 Microsoft announced the upcoming release of the Dv5 and theEv5 VM-series, these are not only 50% cheaper than the Dv4 and the Ev4, but also better performing.  The v5 series are based on the 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8370C (Ice Lake) processor in a hyper-threaded configuration. See here the announcement for more details. In terms of processor benchmark the Dv5 is in between the Dv4 and the Dav4.

The general purpose D-series and the memory optimized E-series are the most common used Azure VMs. In other words ALL Azure migrate business cases will show a major drop in the TCO, making the reason to migrate to Azure even more urgent.  

With the introduction of the v5 Microsoft made its promise that cloud economics will improve over time, due to the enormous scale of Azure today. In this new cloud-first-world scale not simply brings cost efficiency’s but also leads to new unique insights, followed by new requirements to make Azure better performing, more reliable and against lowest cost. Therefore Microsoft co-engineered together with Intel the new 3rd Generation InteXeon® Platinum 8370C.

In the following graphs you see the impact continuous innovation brings on cloud economics to Azure users.

The pricing is based on the Azure region Europe West and the GBRAM price is based on a Windows PAYG VM price, running 730 hours per month.

If you want to update your business case with the new v5 series, try the Smart Azure Calculator, we are ready for it. Contact us for a free trail including support via