"Hi, I'm Robert. As CSP we were trying to sell Azure Migrate projects. That was not as easy as we thought. The only tool we could find to make quotes was the pricing calculator on the Azure pages. Still the preparation of the case took us a lot of time and the win rate was low and worse, made no margin when we do.

Until we found out why:
We could not add CSP subscription licensing under AHUB and therefore chose the much more expensive PAYG Windows Server licensing, making our proposals very expensive.

We were forced to select Azure VMs based on so little information, so they usually turned out to be far too large and therefore far too expensive .

We were also forced to choose a storage disk PER VM, too often he chose a premium SSD, which meant that our storage costs were extremely high.

There was no way we could calculate our margin, let alone estimate how much a deal would yield.

The Excel output is not very convincing and comprehensible to a customer.

We now use the Smart Azure Calculator. We doubled our hit rate, reduced our pre-sales cost by 90% and our Azure business has become a lot more profitable."

Be as smart as Robert and use the Smart Azure Calculator. A yearly subscription is USD 3,500, unlimited use. You can claim back the fees via the Microsoft Coop-marketing fund or use ECIF if Microsoft is funding the business case.


Experience it yourself

Get to know the Smart Azure Calculator through the Azure Marketplace. Take a free test run with this link:

Or let me show you what a big difference it makes, using the Smart Azure calculator to build a convincing winning Azure migrate business case. Just send me an mail at and I will contact you. It’s free and you only can win!