"Hi I’m Judith, Azure business development manager. In my company, a UK based CSP, the idea was for long that selling Azure migrate was a pure technical sales. Cloud Solution architects spent a lot of time in making detailed designs of an Azure blue-print with the arrogance to think to know it in detail. Nothing is less true. Customers are interested in only one thing: what will it cost when I migrate to Azure?

When I shared my frustration about this with my Microsoft account manager she point me at the Smart Azure Calculator. This is a fantastic tool. Now I can make accurate Azure migrate business cases myself in just a few hours. With an output format which is really understood and appreciated by the C-level of my prospects. I’m not winning just a couple of Azure VMs but get being selected as their trusted advisor for the entire journey into the cloud the coming years."

Be as smart as Judith and use the Smart Azure Calculator. A yearly subscription is USD 3,500, unlimited use. You can claim back the fees via the Microsoft Coop-marketing fund or use ECIF if Microsoft is funding the business case.


Experience it yourself

Get to know the Smart Azure Calculator through the Azure Marketplace. Take a free test run with this link: https://bit.ly/2O3pT50

Or let me show you what a big difference it makes, using the Smart Azure calculator to build a convincing winning Azure migrate business case. Just send me an mail at dik@thecloudlab.com and I will contact you. It’s free and you only can win!